Thanks for taking time to hear our story

My sister Allison and I grew up in a home where we went to bed every night feeling safe, comfortable, and loved. It never occurred to us that there were girls who didn’t share this experience.  That in fact, over half the world’s population will go to bed tonight both hungry and fearful of their environment. 

When we realized there were girls around the world who were not safe and were unable to go to school, we decided to do something.  We came up with the idea to raise money by making and selling bracelets with the beads we received as a gift.

Recently, we have been given the opportunity to partner with young women in Africa to rescue girls from being sold as property in order to provide for their families.  This opportunity has challenged us to be an advocate for those without a voice and provide a way for girls in Africa to earn an income and attend school. 

We started a non-profit called Beads of Good that is providing an opportunity for girls to go to school and have a safe place to dream. Although we are young, we felt responsible to help bring change and shine a spotlight on gender-based violence.  It all started with an idea of how things could be different…and it wasn’t even that great of idea, but we did something.

We hope you connect to what we are doing and join us to make a difference in the lives of girls around the world.  We want girls everywhere to know they have value and are worth fighting for.   

The world needs her!


- Elizabeth and Allison // Co-Founders