Whatever it is that you do best. Your talents and creative ideas can actually change the world. We want to challenge you to use your strengths to make a difference in the lives of girls all over the world. Specifically, girls in Africa need you to be awesome and dream big! 

What if your talent could help a girl attend school?


The Big Issue

70% of the world’s poor are girls, and extreme poverty is the #1 reason girls don’t attend school.

Primary school enrollment in African countries is among the lowest in the world. 34% of school age girls in Africa do not attend school.  The reason? They can’t afford to pay for school.  And without an education, a girl is left with no way to care for her needs and becomes extremely vulnerable to violence.    

But we have good news!  We see girls, just like you, in Africa that are using their gifts to bring change to the places where they live.  Research has demonstrated that when a girl attends school, there is a positive impact in their communities SO LARGE that it can’t be compared with other forms of help.  They even gave this girl power a name.  It’s called The Girl Effect.  
Because we believe you can positively impact the lives of girls around the world, we hope you will accept the challenge and take action.  Your girl power can send girls to school and provide them with a safe place to dream, create, and bring strength to their communities.

You can send a girl to school and provide a safe place for her to live and receive basic medical care and meals.  She needs you.  

1. Decide on a Fundraising Idea

You've got what it takes to help raise money for girls to attend school in Africa!  Invite others into your mission to change the life of girls in Africa.  You can sell cupcakes, host a chili cook off, or organize a neighborhood garage sale?  To get you started, we have listed out some of the ways you can help girls be strong in Africa


  • Sell your artwork

  • Run a lemonade stand

  • Organize a concert

  • Donate your birthday

  • Organize a 5k

  • Host a bowl-a-thon

*if under 18 years of age, please check with a parent or guardian before signing up with Beads of Good


2. Set a Goal

No amount is too small or too large!  

Aim high and dream big!  

3. Become a Fundraiser

You can empower girls in Africa by simply releasing your girl power!  Get started now!  Set up your own fundraising page by clicking here.  Show us what you’ve got!

Make sure your page clearly tells how you plan to raise money and exactly how you want people to get involved.

4. Spread the Word

Invite your friends and family to become a part of bringing change to communities in Africa.

5. Donate  Your Total


We Want To Reward You for being amazing!

Earn cool stuff... from a designer t-shirt to having your personal story featured on our site!


We Want to Hear from You

Invite others into your mission to change the life of girls in Africa.  We want to share your stories of awesomeness!     

Email us pictures of your event and tell us how it went!

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When is your fundraiser? Or when was it?